"Such a refreshing, original take on cooking!" - Moosewood author Mollie Katzen

"You'll taste a generation of memories and feel the energy of a kitchen connected to time and place" - Chef Michael Smith



Chicken, Main Attraction

Chicken and Peach Souvlaki

Being a food lover and feeding children can be hard.  I remember Molly sitting in her highchair eating bits of duck confit and roasted asparagus, me thinking that she would always appreciate what I put on her plate.   Somewhere…

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Chicken, Soups

Chicken Pickin’

This winter, I couldn’t get enough Christmas dinner, so we’ve been re-enacting it every couple of weeks. Roasted chicken is my absolute don’t-mess-with tradition for this meal, and I need leftovers. In this land of plenty, free range chickens are…

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Chicken, Pasta

Kale and Swiss Chard

Kale and Swiss Chard are among the most beautiful of vegetables. Sold in enormous bunches, and in a multitude of gorgeous colours, these greens practically jump into your market bag (they do look stylish jauntily peeking out of there). It’s…

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Chicken, Nova Scotian, Vegetarian

Hodge Podge

My Nova Scotia Garden in June Do you know what Hodge Podge is? Then chances are, you are from Atlantic Canada. Though I’m not exactly sure where the exact culinary boundaries are, it’s safe to say that my friends from…

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Chicken, Salads, Vegetarian


Spinach. It’s green and leafy. You know it’s good for you, but maybe you don’t eat enough of it. Yet I know by the popularity of the Poppyseed dressing at the Cafe that lots of you are eating it, in…

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