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Corn Fritters


14067904_1347659721928788_6021038733123733640_oWell the countdown is on. The Kitchen Party Cookbook will soon be on the shelf at bookstores, farmer’s markets and coffee shops…and hopefully in your kitchen! Laura MacDonald even let my kids and I use her press to print a few covers last week, and she and Gaspereau Press are working hard to produce a beautiful book for you. Consider yourself invited to our official launch party at The Noodle Guy on September 17th 2-4ish. We’ll be serving up some recipes from the book along with Annapolis Valley drinkables and live music with Zak Miller, Sarah MacInnis and maybe even The Dearlies (consider it a Deep Roots warm-up!) 

In the meantime, don’t waste the last of this summer’s amazing corn. I stole this recipe straight from the new book to share with you. 

Corn Fritters
These summertime treats, a favourite of my Dad’s, are a celebration of the short, sweet corn season. With barely enough batter to hold them together, this is all about the corn. Either raw or leftover cooked corn on the cob will work beautifully in this recipe, all I ask is that you make it only when the corn is piled high at your local farmers’ market. A pinch of toasted cumin and a handful of green onion are great additions. Corn fritters are pretty great on their own, but for something really special, get your hands on a jar of Jason Lynch’s Bacon Jam and spoon a little on top. It’s found at Le Caveau (Jason’s restaurant), Pete’s Fine Foods and at both locations of Made in the Maritimes, wonderful Halifax boutiques devoted to celebrating the work of Atlantic Canadian artisans. You’ll also find my books there!

4 cobs fresh Corn, raw or cooked
2 tablespoons Flour (you could also use Rice Flour)
2 Eggs
¾ teaspoon Salt
¼ teaspoon Cumin, toasted and ground (optional)
2 Green Onions, sliced (optional)

Butter and Canola Oil for frying

Stand the cob on end on your cutting board, then cut the corn from the cob. Scrape the cob clean with the edge of the knife. Measure 2 cups of corn kernels and place in a large bowl. Add the flour, eggs, salt and optional cumin and green onion. Stir well to combine.