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Studio East Food + Drink


We devoured our bowl before I could get a picture so this Ultimate Pork Ramen portrait is courtesy of Studio East co-owner Saronn Pov!

I had been hearing delicious things about Studio East since last year when they took home The Coast’s award for Restaurant of the Year. A few weeks ago my husband and I were in Halifax for a concert and had only an hour to grab dinner. We were just about to grab an ill-considered slice when we came upon this cozy sparkling little restaurant and were pulled inside. It was warm and had a lovely vibe and we were happy even before our food came.

We split the Ultimate Pork Ramen and a stupefyingly good burger, but the ramen stole the show. Picture two people in a hurry sharing an enormous ramen bowl, fighting nicely (sort of) over the last bite of Chinese donut, slurping up the gently smoky broth, trying to divide the to-die-for pork belly fairly and making noises you probably shouldn’t at a restaurant.

That was us, two Valley dorks in the city, eating probably the best meal we’ve had in a long while and still getting to the show on time.

Studio East Food+Drink • 6021 Cunard Street, Halifax •