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It’s the One Year Anniversary of The Union Street Café Cookbook!


15025215_1424935607534532_4580024169683111250_oYes, it’s been a whole year since the first printing of The Union Street Café Cookbook and what a year it has been!

The first printing sold out at the cookbook launch so we scrambled to have another printing ready in time for Christmas.

And then that sold out and Mollie Katzen sent me a wonderful endorsement and so boom! We had to print a third round. Then we sold the restaurant in early March.

15003405_10211199295763302_9196806219451339907_oAnd so here we are at Hilary and Mitzi’s The Box of Delights Bookshop talking about all the beautiful collaborations that went into this book and Laura’s sharing her beautiful woodcuts and prints and I made bruschetta because that’s everyone’s favourite. And Gaspereau Vineyards is pouring wine for all our friends, new and old, and we’re talking local food and we’re saving the planet and later Laura will dance the highland fling with our buddy Rebecca. And that’s how you celebrate making a book.