"Such a refreshing, original take on cooking!" - Moosewood author Mollie Katzen

"You'll taste a generation of memories and feel the energy of a kitchen connected to time and place" - Chef Michael Smith

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September 2011

Lunchbox Worthy, Main Attraction

Autumn Pizza

Every Thursday morning at the Cafe I bake batches of Focaccia Bread.  It’s a soft, wet dough that bakes into a spongy, chewy bread full of holes and fragrant with olive oil and rosemary.  We cut it into large squares…

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Nova Scotian

Slippery Jacks

                                       Here it is, my first-ever guest post writer: my Mom.  I’ve told you a bit about her, how she shaped my love of food and cooking, and what an inspiration she is in the kitchen. …

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