Nova Scotian

Is it Spring?

The snow melted.  I know that it’s still winter really, but I stepped outside barefoot today.  It was squishy.  Nova Scotia winters are strange, unpredictable from one year to the next.  Tomorrow there could be a huge snowfall and we’d be back in wonderland again.  There are reliable signs that spring is arriving, though; pussywillows, budding trees, and the drip of sap in the bucket.  And light, beautiful spring light, creeping into our unconscious and stirring up feelings of new beginnings, renewed energy, and hard work ahead.  Winter is restful if you let it be so.  I loved the slow down of the restaurant, the early evenings in bed and lazy mornings by the fire.  I am reluctant to see any season go.

Melting Snow Running off the North Mountain


Early Spring Bonfire