"Such a refreshing, original take on cooking!" - Moosewood author Mollie Katzen

"You'll taste a generation of memories and feel the energy of a kitchen connected to time and place" - Chef Michael Smith

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November 2010


NS Local Food Hero 2010

I haven’t said anything about this yet here, but Meagan and I got to take a little trip to the city a couple weeks ago.  We attended a Restaurant Association dinner where we picked up the NS Local Food Hero…

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The Carrotiest Carrots

I’ve been holding out on you. I know where the tastiest carrots in the Valley are and I haven’t told you yet. Let me just give you some clues. These carrots are organic. One of these farmers doesn’t wear shoes…

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Main Attraction, Pork

November Harvest

It’s getting to that time of year when you know it’s all about to change. You may not know when, but it’s coming. I’ve made my tire appointment, we’ve already burned through a noticeable quantity of firewood, and for a…

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