"Such a refreshing, original take on cooking!" - Moosewood author Mollie Katzen

"You'll taste a generation of memories and feel the energy of a kitchen connected to time and place" - Chef Michael Smith

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September 2010


Sister Witches in the Kitchen:Melissa

My friend Melissa has excellent taste. When she calls to say “You have got to try this, it’s going to change your life” I pay attention. Over the years I have known her, her recommendations have included Poulet Yassa (an…

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Apples, Soups

Autumn Soups

To everything there is a season. A time for beet greens, a time for peas. A time for strawberries, a time for peaches. And a time for squash, potatoes, apples, brussels sprouts, turnips and pumpkins. That time seemed to come…

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A Rainbow of Tomatoes

Last night we sat down to my daughter’s cooked-all-by-herself macaroni and cheese and a giant plateful of sliced tomatoes, all different shapes and colours. There were tiny and sweet orange tomatoes, large brown and small red cherry tomatoes, bright yellow…

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A few weeks ago, I bought a bushel of peaches. They are kinda rare around here these days, grown mainly tucked up against the North Mountain where they can enjoy some protection and extra heat. Luckily for me, this means…

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