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June 2010


Big Bunches of Greens

My garden gives me great joy, but sometimes overwhelms me with too much of a good thing. I’ve also found the same thing true at farmer’s markets. There is so much beauty I want to take it all home, but…

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Salads, Vegetarian

Mixed Baby Greens

The little baby lettuces in my garden enjoyed the rains of last week. Gorgeous curls of burgundy, bright green and speckles of dark red form a plush carpet. I’ve often seen mesclun at its peak and thought that Anne Geddes…

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Chicken, Salads, Vegetarian


Spinach. It’s green and leafy. You know it’s good for you, but maybe you don’t eat enough of it. Yet I know by the popularity of the Poppyseed dressing at the Cafe that lots of you are eating it, in…

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